Núcleo de Logística Integrada e Sistemas (LOGIS) conducts research in the areas of logistics, operational research, integer programming, metaheuristics, artificial intelligence, robust optimization under uncertainty, forecast models, reliability, bilevel optimization, and risk optimization. It is a world reference center in the so-called column generation technique, regularly receiving collaborators from Brazil and abroad. In particular, the best known performing exact algorithms for one of the most central and important problems in the logistics area, the vehicle routing problem, were developed with the participation of LOGIS researchers. In addition to academic research, LOGIS also carries out projects for industry.

All LOGIS members are from the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) and work in its Post-Graduation in Production Engineering program.


September, 2018 – Hugo Quadros receives Best Masters Dissertation prize by ANPEPRO.

February, 2018 – Artur Pessoa starts a sabbatical year at the University of Bordeaux – France for working on REALOPT and SAMBA projects.

January, 2018 –  Best Paper 2017 in Mathematical Programming Computation: Improved branch-cut-and-price for capacitated vehicle routing

September, 2017 – Eduardo Uchoa receives Cientista do Nosso Estado – FAPERJ grant.

September, 2017 – Daniel Oliveira starts a Ph.D. at the University of Waterloo – Canada under the supervision of Ricardo Fukasawa.

April, 2017 – Marcos Roboredo receives FOPESQ-UFF grant.

February, 2017 – André Velasco receives Best Ph.D. Thesis prize by ANPEPRO.

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